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Developing Your Film Festival 2017 #DYFF17

100% of participants questioned said they would recommend Developing Your Film Festival (DYFF) to a colleague or peer.

100% of respondents said the course was ‘very relevant’ or ‘relevant’ to their job and career development.

100% said the overall organisation of the course was either ‘excellent’ (77%) or ‘good’ (23%)

96% rated the speakers expertise as ‘excellent’, with some adding:
“Very friendly and approachable”
“Particular to note how after sessions tutors were so keen to approach participants and engage in other courses too - a wonderful collaborative atmosphere”
“Interesting and interested set of people“.

What our participants say:

“Excellent all round!” – Peggy Johnson, Loft Film Festival, USA

“A wonderful collaborative atmosphere” – Richard Ashrowan, Alchemy Film + Moving Image Festival, UK

"The DYFF program has helped a lot in changing the direction of our festival. For the better! We hired an experienced communications and social media professional. Our online presence increased with 100% We changed our ticketing strategy and overall ticket sales increased by 35%. We implemented an intensive rebranding and have received rave reviews from the board, and our partners". - Marian Spier, KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival, Netherlands

“Since attending DYFF, we’ve trebled annual turnover of the festival, implemented a five year strategic plan, received international attention and acclaim for our projects and had 79% capacity at last year’s festival.” – Holly Tarquini, Bath Film Festival, UK

“Extremely insightful. The course will allow me to bring back a variety of tangible ideas which I can implement immediately.” – Damian Connor, Belfast Film Festival, UK

"I secured a whole bunch of sponsorship for GSFF this year, including a sizable commitment from our one sponsor. Don't think I would've really gone for it without DYFF15!" - Morvern Cunningham, Glasgow Short Film Festival, UK 

"The learning at DYFF, through examination and example, helped to establish the confidence necessary [to] integrate new approaches [at our festival]. Two of my most rewarding experiences in the past six months came as a direct result of meeting certain people in Motovun. I don't doubt that other DYFF-related collaborations are to come, and I very much look forward to them". - Richard Warden, Scottish Mental Health Film Festival, UK

"I felt really inspired after the week in Motovun. A lot of the inspiration came from the lectures and workshops, but so much came from simply meeting people who work with the same things that I do and discussing the issues and problems that we deal with in our professional lives". - Ulrika Bandeira, Festival Freelancer, Stockholm, Sweden

"The time in Motovun was quite inspiring and the network amongst the other participants is great. I introduced the outcome to my team and I think everyone was quite surprised how universal the topics are for different festivals. Everyone took a few things to improve in the daily business. Our festival was very successful and I think the workshop in Motovun totally paid off" - Johannes Hensen, Cologne Conference, Germany

What our speakers say:

“It’s not only about training, it’s about collective problem solving. Having this platform where you can exchange ideas is fantastic.” – Sten-Kristian Saluveer, Industry Director Black Nights Film Festival, Estonia

“There’s such an appetite from the people here. There’s such a need for this course. It’s amazing.” – Wendy Mitchell, Film Programme Manager, British Council, UK

Our past participants and speakers from around the world

2016 cohort

  • Ana Cerar, Programme Coordinator, Otok Institute for Developing Film Culture and Kino Otok - Isola Cinema International Film Festival, Slovenia
  • Anna Bogutskaya, Festival Producer, Underwire Festival, UK 
  • Brigid O'Shea, Head of DOK Industry Programme, DOK Leipzig, Germany
  • Emilia Mazik, Programme Coordinator / Producer, Ad Arte Foundation of Cultural Education / Short Waves Festival, Poland
  • George G. Papageorgiou, Chief Executive, Rialto Theatre, Cyprus
  • Jaanika Jaanits, Festival Manager, World Film Festival (NGO Worldfilm Society), Estonia
  • Johanna Brooks, Producer, London Short Film Festival, UK
  • Juliet Tweedie, Development Manager, Edinburgh International Film Festival, UK 
  • Lauma Gailite, Producer, Riga International Film Festival 2ANNAS, Latvia
  • Lina Užkuraitytė, Director, NGO Kino Saga, Lithuania
  • Lucy Fisher, Festival Director, The Gold Coast Film Festival, Australia
  • Maya Šuša, Artistic Director, Bašta Fest / Akademska Scena, Serbia
  • Mia Vainikainen, Execdutive Director, Espoo Cine International Film Festival / Espoon elokuvajuhlat ry. Finland
  • Minna Nurmi, Producer, Savonlinna International Nature Film Festival, Finland
  • Nadine Katschmarek, Festival Director, cellu l'art - International Short Film Festival Jena, Germany
  • Neil Fox, Projects Manager, Edinburgh International Film Festival, UK
  • Olga Birzul, Program Coordinator, Docudays UA International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival, Ukraine 
  • Pavel Bicek, Festival Director, Mazipatra Queer Film Festival, Czech Republic 
  • Rachel Fiddes, Festival Manager, Glasgow Film Festival, UK 
  • Sam Wilson, Producer, Into Film, UK
  • Selena Valyyavkina, Programmer, message2man, Russia
  • Sofia Carlevi, Volunteer Coordinator, Tempo Dokumentärfestival, Sweden 
  • Vesna Štimac, Office Coordinator, Otok Institute for Developing Film Culture, Slovenia
  • Victoria Leshchenko, Program Coordinator, Docudays UA International Human Rights Documentary Festival, Ukraine 
  • Yvonna Iremscu, Executive Director, NexT Cultural Society - NexT International Film Festival, Russia

2015 cohort

  • Alessandro Zucconi, Film Programmer / Programme Coordinator, Concorto Short Film Festival, Italy
  • Ana Šegrt, Programme Coordinator, Art-kino, Croatia
  • Christian Modersbach, Managing Director, Nordic Film Days, Germany
  • Christine Bernau, Festival Director, Short Film Festival, Germany
  • Damian Connor, Marketing Manager, Belfast Film Festival, UK
  • Eibh Collins, Festival Manager, IndieCork Festival, Ireland
  • Eileen O'Shea, Festival Projects Manager, Cork Film Festival, Ireland
  • Elina Rislakki, Festival Director, Helsinki Short Film Festival, Finland
  • Gary Hoctor, Festival Director OFFline Film Festival, Ireland
  • Imke Poeschel, Festival Coordinator, Braunschweig International Film Festival, Germany
  • Johannes Hensen, Head of Programme, Cologne Conference – International Film and TV Festival, Germany
  • Jose Maria Machado Garcia, Co-director and Programmer, Americana Film Fest, Spain
  • Justin Camilleri, Chairman, Euro Media Forum, Malta
  • Louise Højgaard Johansen, Head of Events & Music, Programmer CPH PIX, Copenhagen Film Festivals, Denmark
  • Marc Troonen, Festival Coordinator, L’ÉTRANGE FESTIVAL, France
  • Marian Spier, Managing Director, KLIK!Amsterdam animation filmfestival, Netherlands
  • Marlena Lukasiak, Film Programmer, KINOTEKA Polish Film Festival organized by Polish Cultural Institute, UK
  • Marta Berto, Head of Public Relations and Marketing, Docs Against Gravity Film Festival, Poland
  • Morvern Cunningham, Freelance Producer, Future Shorts Festival, UK
  • Nino Kovacic, Programme Coordinator, ZagrebDox Film Festival, Croatia
  • Otto Kylmälä, Artistic Director, Oulu Music Video Festival & Loud Silents Festival, Lithuania
  • Peggy Johnson, Executive Director, Loft Cinema Fest, USA
  • Petr Lukes, Programme Department Coordinator, Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival, Czech Republic
  • Richard Ashrowan, Creative Director, Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival, UK
  • Richard Warden, Film Curator, Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival, UK
  • Ulrika Bandeira, Project Manager, Tempo Documentary Festival and International Comedy Film Festival, Sweden
  • Xavier Lezcano Corbalán, Co-director and Programmer, Americana Film Fest, Spain
  • 2014 cohort

  • Andrei Agundaru, Project Coordinator, Estenest / Asociatia pentru Promovarea Filmului Romanesc, Romania
  • Simona Barranca, External relations, fund raising and programming assistant,  Associazione Centro Orientamento Educativo, Italy
  • Anja Avdič Batista, Director's Assistant, Institute for Developing Film Culture and Kino Otok - Isola Cinema International Film Festival, Slovenia
  • Nicky Beaumont, Festival Manager, CINECITY, UK
  • Sarah Chorley, Executive Producer, London Short Film Festival, UK
  • Molly Cowderoy, Short Film City Manager, Leeds Film, UK
  • Salvatore Cutaia, Programme Coordination and Film Research, Torino Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, Italy
  • Oana Koulpy, Festival Coordinator, One World Romania Association, Romania
  • Evangelia Mademli, Program Assistant / Catalog & Editions Coordinator and Writer, Thessaloniki International Film Festival, Greece
  • Phoenix Fry, Creative Coordinator / Founder / Programmer, Cinema Forever / Free Film Festivals / Film Africa, UK
  • Martin Grund, Programme Manager, Leeds Young Film Festival, UK
  • Julian McKinney, Project Manager, Doc Lounge, Sweden
  • Marco Petrilli, Logistics Manager / Editorial Manager, CinemAmbiente, Italy
  • Bohdana Rambouskova, PR Manager, One World International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival, Czech Republic
  • Jolanta Rydel, Audience Coordinator, Krakow Film Festival / Krakow Film Foundation, Poland
  • Gaia Stella Sangiovanni, Programme Coordinator, Kinodromo, Italy
  • Tereza Swadoschová, International Relations and Communication Manager, Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival, Czech Republic
  • Jody Tozer, Director, Fresh Student Media Festival of Wales & Mini Film Fest, UK
  • Kimmo Välimäki, Coordinator, Finnish Film Contact / Helsinki Short Film Festival, Finland
  • Ines Volf, Program Associate, Art-kino, Croatia

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