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Developing Your Film Festival 2017 #DYFF17

100% of participants questioned said they would recommend Developing Your Film Festival (DYFF) to a colleague or peer.

100% of respondents said the course was ‘very relevant’ or ‘relevant’ to their job and career development.

100% said the overall organisation of the course was either ‘excellent’ (77%) or ‘good’ (23%)

96% rated the speakers expertise as ‘excellent’, with some adding:
“Very friendly and approachable”
“Particular to note how after sessions tutors were so keen to approach participants and engage in other courses too - a wonderful collaborative atmosphere”
“Interesting and interested set of people“.

What our participants say:

“Excellent all round!” – Peggy Johnson, Loft Film Festival, USA

“A wonderful collaborative atmosphere” – Richard Ashrowan, Alchemy Film + Moving Image Festival, UK

"The DYFF program has helped a lot in changing the direction of our festival. For the better! We hired an experienced communications and social media professional. Our online presence increased with 100% We changed our ticketing strategy and overall ticket sales increased by 35%. We implemented an intensive rebranding and have received rave reviews from the board, and our partners". - Marian Spier, KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival, Netherlands

“Since attending DYFF, we’ve trebled annual turnover of the festival, implemented a five year strategic plan, received international attention and acclaim for our projects and had 79% capacity at last year’s festival.” – Holly Tarquini, Bath Film Festival, UK

“Extremely insightful. The course will allow me to bring back a variety of tangible ideas which I can implement immediately.” – Damian Connor, Belfast Film Festival, UK

"I secured a whole bunch of sponsorship for GSFF this year, including a sizable commitment from our one sponsor. Don't think I would've really gone for it without DYFF15!" - Morvern Cunningham, Glasgow Short Film Festival, UK 

"The learning at DYFF, through examination and example, helped to establish the confidence necessary [to] integrate new approaches [at our festival]. Two of my most rewarding experiences in the past six months came as a direct result of meeting certain people in Motovun. I don't doubt that other DYFF-related collaborations are to come, and I very much look forward to them". - Richard Warden, Scottish Mental Health Film Festival, UK

"I felt really inspired after the week in Motovun. A lot of the inspiration came from the lectures and workshops, but so much came from simply meeting people who work with the same things that I do and discussing the issues and problems that we deal with in our professional lives". - Ulrika Bandeira, Festival Freelancer, Stockholm, Sweden

"The time in Motovun was quite inspiring and the network amongst the other participants is great. I introduced the outcome to my team and I think everyone was quite surprised how universal the topics are for different festivals. Everyone took a few things to improve in the daily business. Our festival was very successful and I think the workshop in Motovun totally paid off" - Johannes Hensen, Cologne Conference, Germany

What our speakers say:

“It’s not only about training, it’s about collective problem solving. Having this platform where you can exchange ideas is fantastic.” – Sten-Kristian Saluveer, Industry Director Black Nights Film Festival, Estonia

“There’s such an appetite from the people here. There’s such a need for this course. It’s amazing.” – Wendy Mitchell, Film Programme Manager, British Council, UK

Our past participants and speakers from around the world

2016 cohort

  • Ana Cerar, Programme Coordinator, Otok Institute for Developing Film Culture and Kino Otok - Isola Cinema International Film Festival, Slovenia
  • Anna Bogutskaya, Festival Producer, Underwire Festival, UK 
  • Brigid O'Shea, Head of DOK Industry Programme, DOK Leipzig, Germany
  • Emilia Mazik, Programme Coordinator / Producer, Ad Arte Foundation of Cultural Education / Short Waves Festival, Poland
  • George G. Papageorgiou, Chief Executive, Rialto Theatre, Cyprus
  • Jaanika Jaanits, Festival Manager, World Film Festival (NGO Worldfilm Society), Estonia
  • Johanna Brooks, Producer, London Short Film Festival, UK
  • Juliet Tweedie, Development Manager, Edinburgh International Film Festival, UK 
  • Lauma Gailite, Producer, Riga International Film Festival 2ANNAS, Latvia
  • Lina Užkuraitytė, Director, NGO Kino Saga, Lithuania
  • Lucy Fisher, Festival Director, The Gold Coast Film Festival, Australia
  • Maya Šuša, Artistic Director, Bašta Fest / Akademska Scena, Serbia
  • Mia Vainikainen, Execdutive Director, Espoo Cine International Film Festival / Espoon elokuvajuhlat ry. Finland
  • Minna Nurmi, Producer, Savonlinna International Nature Film Festival, Finland
  • Nadine Katschmarek, Festival Director, cellu l'art - International Short Film Festival Jena, Germany
  • Neil Fox, Projects Manager, Edinburgh International Film Festival, UK
  • Olga Birzul, Program Coordinator, Docudays UA International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival, Ukraine 
  • Pavel Bicek, Festival Director, Mazipatra Queer Film Festival, Czech Republic 
  • Rachel Fiddes, Festival Manager, Glasgow Film Festival, UK 
  • Sam Wilson, Producer, Into Film, UK
  • Selena Valyyavkina, Programmer, message2man, Russia
  • Sofia Carlevi, Volunteer Coordinator, Tempo Dokumentärfestival, Sweden 
  • Vesna Štimac, Office Coordinator, Otok Institute for Developing Film Culture, Slovenia
  • Victoria Leshchenko, Program Coordinator, Docudays UA International Human Rights Documentary Festival, Ukraine 
  • Yvonna Iremscu, Executive Director, NexT Cultural Society - NexT International Film Festival, Russia

2015 cohort

  • Alessandro Zucconi, Film Programmer / Programme Coordinator, Concorto Short Film Festival, Italy
  • Ana Šegrt, Programme Coordinator, Art-kino, Croatia
  • Christian Modersbach, Managing Director, Nordic Film Days, Germany
  • Christine Bernau, Festival Director, Short Film Festival, Germany
  • Damian Connor, Marketing Manager, Belfast Film Festival, UK
  • Eibh Collins, Festival Manager, IndieCork Festival, Ireland
  • Eileen O'Shea, Festival Projects Manager, Cork Film Festival, Ireland
  • Elina Rislakki, Festival Director, Helsinki Short Film Festival, Finland
  • Gary Hoctor, Festival Director OFFline Film Festival, Ireland
  • Imke Poeschel, Festival Coordinator, Braunschweig International Film Festival, Germany
  • Johannes Hensen, Head of Programme, Cologne Conference – International Film and TV Festival, Germany
  • Jose Maria Machado Garcia, Co-director and Programmer, Americana Film Fest, Spain
  • Justin Camilleri, Chairman, Euro Media Forum, Malta
  • Louise Højgaard Johansen, Head of Events & Music, Programmer CPH PIX, Copenhagen Film Festivals, Denmark
  • Marc Troonen, Festival Coordinator, L’ÉTRANGE FESTIVAL, France
  • Marian Spier, Managing Director, KLIK!Amsterdam animation filmfestival, Netherlands
  • Marlena Lukasiak, Film Programmer, KINOTEKA Polish Film Festival organized by Polish Cultural Institute, UK
  • Marta Berto, Head of Public Relations and Marketing, Docs Against Gravity Film Festival, Poland
  • Morvern Cunningham, Freelance Producer, Future Shorts Festival, UK
  • Nino Kovacic, Programme Coordinator, ZagrebDox Film Festival, Croatia
  • Otto Kylmälä, Artistic Director, Oulu Music Video Festival & Loud Silents Festival, Lithuania
  • Peggy Johnson, Executive Director, Loft Cinema Fest, USA
  • Petr Lukes, Programme Department Coordinator, Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival, Czech Republic
  • Richard Ashrowan, Creative Director, Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival, UK
  • Richard Warden, Film Curator, Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival, UK
  • Ulrika Bandeira, Project Manager, Tempo Documentary Festival and International Comedy Film Festival, Sweden
  • Xavier Lezcano Corbalán, Co-director and Programmer, Americana Film Fest, Spain
  • 2014 cohort

  • Andrei Agundaru, Project Coordinator, Estenest / Asociatia pentru Promovarea Filmului Romanesc, Romania
  • Simona Barranca, External relations, fund raising and programming assistant,  Associazione Centro Orientamento Educativo, Italy
  • Anja Avdič Batista, Director's Assistant, Institute for Developing Film Culture and Kino Otok - Isola Cinema International Film Festival, Slovenia
  • Nicky Beaumont, Festival Manager, CINECITY, UK
  • Sarah Chorley, Executive Producer, London Short Film Festival, UK
  • Molly Cowderoy, Short Film City Manager, Leeds Film, UK
  • Salvatore Cutaia, Programme Coordination and Film Research, Torino Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, Italy
  • Oana Koulpy, Festival Coordinator, One World Romania Association, Romania
  • Evangelia Mademli, Program Assistant / Catalog & Editions Coordinator and Writer, Thessaloniki International Film Festival, Greece
  • Phoenix Fry, Creative Coordinator / Founder / Programmer, Cinema Forever / Free Film Festivals / Film Africa, UK
  • Martin Grund, Programme Manager, Leeds Young Film Festival, UK
  • Julian McKinney, Project Manager, Doc Lounge, Sweden
  • Marco Petrilli, Logistics Manager / Editorial Manager, CinemAmbiente, Italy
  • Bohdana Rambouskova, PR Manager, One World International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival, Czech Republic
  • Jolanta Rydel, Audience Coordinator, Krakow Film Festival / Krakow Film Foundation, Poland
  • Gaia Stella Sangiovanni, Programme Coordinator, Kinodromo, Italy
  • Tereza Swadoschová, International Relations and Communication Manager, Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival, Czech Republic
  • Jody Tozer, Director, Fresh Student Media Festival of Wales & Mini Film Fest, UK
  • Kimmo Välimäki, Coordinator, Finnish Film Contact / Helsinki Short Film Festival, Finland
  • Ines Volf, Program Associate, Art-kino, Croatia

"Really impressed by level of speakers and breadth of information. I am now much more aware of my role in my organisation, how I can integrate with other departments and where my organisation is situated with the entire industry. It is vital to understand other people’s roles in order to understand your own properly."

Joan Parsons, Duty Manager, Showroom Cinema

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