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Every cinema has different ambitions, different expectations and different audiences. The ICO works in partnership with cinemas and mixed arts venues, helping them to create unique, commercially viable programmes that appeal to the most diverse possible range of local audiences.

Our clients range from the internationally acclaimed Watershed Media Centre in Bristol to local authority-run cinemas such as Forum Cinema in Northampton, to arts centres such as Street’s hugely successful Strode Theatre (which boasts one of the highest screen averages in the UK).

Click here for the full list of ICO client cinemas.

The programmes at ICO client cinemas vary enormously and range from cinemas that focus on the latest blockbusters to those whose programmes feature arthouse cinema, archival work and artists’ film and video. But all of our clients aim to make a difference by developing programming strategies to attract the widest possible range of audiences.

ICO client cinemas receive a number of the following services:

  • Programming advice
  • Booking services and administration, including terms negotiations; increased bargaining power through ICO network to ensure favourable terms, runs and access; negotiation on available formats and geographical exclusivity.
  • Open one-to-one support from a dedicated member of the ICO programming team
  • Copy writing
  • Image sourcing

We charge clients an annual fee based on the anticipated size and complexity of the programme. The ICO subsidises this fee to ensure our services are available to the widest possible range of exhibitors.

If you would like to discuss this service further please contact: Catharine Des Forges | 020 7079 0471.

“Thank you. I don't know what I'd do without the screening days! They are a huge help in programming the festivals - make my programming much more efficient - and I love attending.”

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